Don´t wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don´t.

Am avut o perioada urata. Grea. Groaznica. Inspaimantatoare.

Apoi, probabil petru ca… aveam nevoie sa imi revin si sa mai cred, am primit o minunatie de perioada. Magnifica. Atat de simpla. Dar atat de plina de fericire. Stiam ca fericirea sta in lucrurile marunte, insa nu stiu daca mai si credeam in asta. Aveam nevoie de perioada asta ca de o gura de aer proaspat. Si mi-a facut bine. Si mi-a fost al naibii de bine. Si inca imi e. Desi am bocit adineaori. (Sunt plangacioasa la filme cu feti frumosi, da?)… In perioada asta de fericire maxima m-am confruntat cu probleme si totusi mi-a fost bine. Si zau ca inca-mi e. Doar ca mi-am amintit cate probleme am. Cate lucruri sunt total aiurea in viata mea. Cate lucruri regret. Cate lucruri nu am apucat inca sa fac. Cate lucruri am facut gresit. Cate lucruri nu am invatat inca. … Cati oameni conteaza inca. Daca stau mai bine sa ma gandesc, nu stiu de ce naiba am fost atat de fericita. Pentru ca viata mea e cu totul si cu totul data peste cap. Dar probabil magia sta tocmai in faptul ca poti fi fericit fara sa ai un motiv anume. Si in faptul ca lupti, continui sa lupti, desi obstacolele nu inceteaza sa apara.

Stiu ca voi fi bine, nu stiu insa daca si cred in asta…

We all remember the bed time stories of our childhoods. The shoe fits Cinderella, the frog turns into a prince, sleeping beauty is awakened with a kiss. Once upon a time and then they lived happily ever after. Fairy tales, the stuff of dreams. The problem is, fairy tales don’t come true. It’s the other stories, the ones that begin with dark and stormy nights and end in the unspeakable. It’s the nightmares that always seem to become reality.  The person that invented the phrase „Happily ever after” should have his ass kicked, so hard!

Don´t wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don´t.  In the face of what we can lose in a day, in an instant, wonder what the hell it is that makes us hold it together.

Horrible things DO happen. Happiness in the face of all of that? That’s not the goal. Feeling the horrible and knowing that you’re not gonna die from those feelings…that’s the point.

People have scars. In all sorts of unexpected places. Like secret road maps of their personal histories. Diagrams of all their old wounds. Most of our wounds heal, leaving nothing behind but a scar. But some of them don’t. Some wounds we carry with us everywhere and though the cut’s long gone, the pain still lingers. …What’s worse, new wounds which are so horribly painful or old wounds that should’ve healed years ago and never did? Maybe our old wounds teach us something. They remind us where we’ve been and what we’ve overcome. They teach us lessons about what to avoid in the future. That’s what we like to think. But that’s not the way it is, is it? Some things we just have to learn over and over and over again.


2 gânduri despre “Don´t wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don´t.

  1. M-a rascolit postarea asta….Ma bucur ca esti happy 😀 Ieri ascultam Horia Brenciu-Lucruri simple. E atat de usor sa te simti bine…..Si, totusi, exista in noi rani care nu se vindeca niciodata…..Been there, done that:)

  2. Mda, stiu si eu treaba cu basmele si cu „fericiti pana la adanci batraneti” :-L astea sunt replici de Hollywood…viata bate filmul si orice carte 🙂 asa ca fii fericita, draga mea Hubbis! >:D<

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