Ally McBeal.

Articol scris la sfarsitul lunii iunie. Nu stiu in ce masura anumite…convingeri de ..da, acum 2 luni, mai sunt valabile acum… Si totusi…

In noaptea asta insa nu as fi putut plange mai mult si mai tare decat daca, Doamne fereste, as fi plans moartea cuiva cu adevarat important in viata mea. Familie, prieteni extrem de apropiati.

Stiu ca o sa sune prosteste, dar am plans de am rupt locu’ la finalul serialului « Ally McBeal »… Titanic a fost primul film la care am plans chiar si dupa ce genericul de final se terminase… Si au fost atatea si atatea filme care mi-au smuls lacrimi sau chiar m-au facut sa… plang de-adevaratelea. P.S. I love you. If only. …

Trebuie insa sa recunosc ca… la niciun film nu am plans precum am facut-o in noaptea asta… Probabil pentru ca trec printr-o perioada mai sensibila, si, asa cum i-am zis cuiva in mesajul ala siropos trimis la 4 dimineata, doare prea tare… Doare prea tare sa stiu ca nici macar in filme, basmele zilelor noastre, finalul nu e unul tocmai fericit, doare prea tare sa stiu ca moare speranta. Speranta ca totul va fi bine, in the end.

Lucrul asta nu se fura oamenilor. Un scriitor nu ar trebui sa o faca, un scenarist nu, un muzician nu… Stiu, probabil pesimismul si neincrederea sunt bune, spuneam undeva ca te pregatesc de raul care, poate, se va intampla insa… Cum ramane cu « visurile omenirii » ? Nu de asta am inventat basmele si povestile cu happy end ? Viata e suficient de dura si asa, de ce sa ne furam si ultimul strop de vis ?

Cum sa cred in acest « Don’t give up on love » cand … I have already given up on it ?

Message to someone, whoever he will be: Don’t make me fall in love with you if you won’t be here tomorrow. Just please, don’t.


Nu stiu daca ar trebui sa recomand cuiva sa vada serialul cap-coada sau nu. Probabil va temeti deja, stiind ca there is no happy end. Dar banuiesc ca merita…

Primele doua sezoane le veti adora. Parte din sezonul 3 va va enerva. Sezonul 4 va fi sezonul « Se va intampla ceva, nu vor ramane impreuna, asa-i ? ». Sezonul 5 la inceput va fi total de ne-vazut (banuiesc ca nu poti fi genial incontinuu), insa de la jumatate isi…revine din coma. (Mai ales ca apare si Jon Bon Jovi in el…)

Cred ca il puteti … savura.

Poate va veti regasi in anumite scene sau personaje sau moduri de a gandi sau moduri de a simti.

Andra scria ca sezonul 4 e despre ea. Ei.. jumatate din sezonul 5 e cumva despre mine. M-am regasit in cateva scene… As fi preferat sa nu.

Am uitat, ce e drept, sa va spun cat de grozave sunt personajele. Si, desi par, la prima vedere, atat de simple, sunt atat de profunde, de fapt.

Am uitat, ce e drept, sa caracterizez filmu’ asta macar la jumatatea lui valoare… Sa spun cat de… genial e (mai ales sezonul 4 – in care Robert Downey Jr. face un rol exceptional – intr-adevar, sunt subiectiva pentru ca vorbim de rolul lui Fat Frumos…).


Cateva citate fara de care articolul asta nu ar fi fost complet (posibil sa fi repetat unele dintre ele…) :

There’s nothing lonelier than being with the wrong guy.

– And who am I today?

– Somebody who desperately wants love, but no longer believes in it.

The wrong ones can’t hurt you. It’s the right ones. They’re the killers.

You’re begging the assumption that love can be voluntary. True love can often be reduced to three anecdotal questions: Could you raise children with him? Could you sit by a fire, talking about life. . .  a movie, perhaps a book you read? And how would you feel. . .. about him suckling a little whipped cream out of your navel?

-How do you know these things?

– Because you tell me in your own quirky way.

If you think back and replay your year, if it doesn’t bring you tears either of joy or sadness, consider it wasted.

You move on. Because you have to.

-Look, you loved the guy a lot. It’s gonna take some time. It’s supposed to.

There’s no sin in loving men. Only pain!

You only die once!

When guys are persistent, it’s romantic, they make movies about that. If it’s a woman, then they cast Glenn Close.

Law and love are the same – romantic in concept but the actual practice can give you a yeast infection.

I like being a mess. It’s who I am.

You’re not who you are, you’re only what other people think you are.

I’ve been dumped before, Renee. This isn’t pain I’m feeling, it’s nostalgia.

Judge Jennifer „Whipper” Cone: No, I don’t think you’re nuts, but I don’t think that you have both feet on the ground either.
Ally McBeal : You mean some people do?

Emotionally, you’re an idiot.

Even if I did get past all my problems, I’m just gonna get out and get new ones.

– Ally, what makes your problems so much bigger than everybody else’s?

– They’re mine.

We’re women. We have a double standard to live up to.

Ally McBeal :  I am good in bed, Renee.
[Renee laughs]
Ally McBeal : What?
Renée Radick : Ally, I’m your roommate. We have thin walls, and you…
[Renee imitates small whining noises]
Ally McBeal : I don’t sound like that.
Renée Radick : I make more noise breaking in a new shoe.

The world is no longer a romantic place. Some of its people still are however, and therein lies the promise. Don’t let the world win, Ally McBeal.

Maybe I’m happy and I just don’t know it.

The real truth is, I probably don’t want to be too happy or content. Because, then what? I actually like the quest, the search. That’s the fun. The more lost you are, the more you have to look forward to. What do you know? I’m having a great time and I don’t even know it.

Ally McBeal : You loved me.
Billy : Yeah. That’s the truth. So much that sometimes, when we were apart, we used to keep an open phone line at night so while sleeping I could listen to your breath.

Sometimes… there’s no point in the truth if the only thing it will do is cause pain.

The idea that when people come together, they stay together. I have to take that with me when I’m going to bed at night, even if I’m going to bed alone.

Everybody’s alone. It’s just easier to take in a relationship.

Whenever I get depressed, I raise my hemlines. If things don’t change, I am bound to be arrested.

Ally McBeal : Hi! I’m Ally McBeal, homewrecker. Here’s my card.
Georgia Thomas :  I already have it, thanks.

I’d sooner puke my intestines and snorkel in them than see you naked.

It’s a problem being beautiful. It’s only the handsome men that ask us out because they’re the only ones who think they have a chance. And handsome men are dolts. Life is unfair to us. At some point we have to face the certain reality: despite all the good the world seems to offer, true happiness can only be found in one thing – shopping.

I’m not going through an odd phase, I really am odd.

Wow… I have a boyfriend.

Ally McBeal : Love isn’t always enough.
Larry : Yeah, it is. You go without it long enough and you realize it’s everything.

Here I am, the victim of my own choices. And I’m just starting.

Maybe I’ll share my life with somebody… maybe not. But the truth is, when I think back of my loneliest moments, there was usually somebody sitting there next to me.

Hold on! Quiet! Let me ignore you one at a time.

Men lie to get women into bed. Women lie to get men into matrimony. Those are the simple facts of life.

Renée Radick : Snow White. Cinderella. All about gettin’ a guy. Being saved by the guy. Today it’s the Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas. All about gettin’ a guy.
Ally McBeal : So basically we’re screwed up because of…
Renée Radick : Disney.

Billy : Will you ever forgive my letting go?
Ally McBeal : I’ll forgive it. But I’m still not sure I’ll ever understand it.

Sometimes… when you hold out for everything, you walk away with nothing.

I can’t believe my life. One minute it’s going okay, I mean… as okay as my life can get, then the gong knocks me completely off my feet.

I have to believe that it works…that when two people come together they stay together. I have to take that to bed with me at night even if I’m going to bed alone. That’s a McBealism.

I’m not ashamed of wanting somebody to love – I never have been, because I had it once. But maybe I never really had it.

If women really wanted to change society, they could do it. I plan to change it. I just want to get married first.

Music is my way of sharing my story, of giving back, and hopefully offering hope.

Men are like gum, after you chew them awhile they loose their flavor.

Looking backwards…many of the saddest times turn out to be the happiest. So I must be happy now. Yeah. This is gonna be good. Why else would I be crying?


15 gânduri despre “Ally McBeal.

  1. Tu chiar te-ai documentat pentru articolul asta.
    Bun si acum ce sa facem? Sa nu ne mai indragostim pentru ca o sa doara? Asta e cursul vietii, daca poti trece prin ea fara sa iubesti, presupun ca nu ai sa suferi. De m-ar fi pus cineva sa aleg, eu tot sa ma indragostesc as alege.
    p.s. De ce apare la data articolului, sus : 231 august 2010? lolwut.

  2. Daca documenat inseamna sa dai copy paste la niste citate care mi-au placut, da, sa zicem…
    Nu am zis ca nu e ok sa te indragostesti, ba acum sunt capabila sa spun ca desi exista sanse sa doara, e, pana la urma, singura varianta pe care o ai daca vrei sa fii…uman.
    Buna intrebare aia cu 231, habar nu am.

  3. apare 231 pentru ca, zic eu, 231 de zile au trecut din an 🙂




  4. Tu, am sa iti dau o bataie la fundu’ gol de-o sa ma pomenesti si la 60 de ani. Din cauza ta, ca mi-ai deschis apetitul pentru Ally McBeal si din cauza altcuiva care m-a transformat intr-o dependenta de The Big Bang Theory, Stargate, Babylon si mai nou Star Trek mai am un pic si iau pc-ul dupa mine si la WC ca nu cumva sa pierd vreo secventa din filmele astea.
    Precizez ca Ally Mcbeal l-am mai vazut de 2 ori pana acum si intr-adevar merita sa il vezi. (top secret: si eu am bocit nitel la final. Sa nu ma spui ca ma fac de cacao.)

  5. Bai, io cand eram mica mai prindeam ceva Ally McBeal la tvu’, da atatica… nici nu-mi amintesc sa fi vazut cand un anume cineva a murit. [Cine a ajuns pana acolo stie de ce zic:D] Asa… siiiiiii… uita-te, nah, io nu-i vazusem finalu’ 😛

  6. pai ma uit, ma uit. ce crezi ca fac? Auzi, da’ la Titanic de ce naiba ai plans? Hai ca la P.S I love you si If only inteleg (desi eu sa vreau si nu pot stoarce o lacrima) dar la Titaaanic? Sau plangeai si tu de ciuda (ca mine) la scena cu geamurile aburite ale masinii 😛

  7. Eram si eu micutza cand incepuse sa se difuzeze Ally McBeal la tv, dar mi se parea atat de booooring :)) acum stiu ca mi s’ar prea chiar interesant, dar tocmai de teama de a nu ma identifica cu unele personaje sau de a ma regasi in cateva scene, nu vreau sa incep sa ma uit acum la serial 😦 si’asa am o perioada cam sensibilicoasa…exact ce scriai si tu mai sus..”Emotionally, i’m an idiot!” 🙂

  8. Sezonul 3 e de văzut, deci nu induce lumea în eroare! 5-ul e diferit de toate celelalte şi e trist. Nu există episod care să nu mă fi emoţionat sau care să nu-mi fi furat nişte lacrimi 🙂 Nu e vorba doar de relaţii de iubire, ci şi de multe alte lucruri. Se pune accent pe prietenia adevărată, chestie pe care o gasim din ce in ce mai rar these days.
    Sper sa ajung în Boston one day şi să vizitez clădirea în care s-a filmat 😀

  9. Știi ce am făcut prima dată, înainte de a citi articolul? Am dat scroll în jos să văd dacă e dat drumul la comentarii. 😆

    Frumoase secvențe din film, frumoase citate.

    Cred că în cele din urmă, toate poveștile se aseamănă cu altele… sentimentele sunt aceleași…

    Și totuși pe mine nu mă deranjează poveștile fără happy end…

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